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Masako Wakamiya

Mellow Club

Vice president

Born in Tokyo in 1935. After graduating from Tokyo University of Education Senior High School (now University of Tsukuba Senior High School), worked for Mitsubishi Bank (now MUFG Bank). Upon retirement, she learned to use computers independently and used them to expand her world while caring for his mother, who lived with her.  In 1999, she participated in the founding of the “Mellow Club,” a website for seniors, where she continues to serve as vice president, and as a director of the Broadband Schools Association, a non-profit organization, she is committed to promoting digital devices to seniors. She began developing iPhone applications in the fall of 2016 and was specially invited to WWDC 2017, the World Developer Conference by Apple in the U.S. in June 2017. She was also selected as the oldest expert member of the Council for the 100-year Life Era, which is considering concrete measures for the Abe administration’s signature policy, the “Human Resource Development Revolution.
(From the author’s profile at Shinchosha)

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