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Wataru Yamaki

Kanmu, Inc.


2009 After graduating from Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, joined Studio Ousia established through an industry-academic collaboration with Keio university Shonan Fujisawa Campus and engaged in research and development in the field of AI and NLP.
2011 Established Kanmu, Inc.
2013 Form a partnership with major credit companies, released “Credit Linked Offer”, Japan’s first customer sending service using credit card data.
2016 From Sept. Form a partnership with Orient Corporation, released” Vandle Card”, Visa prepaid Card which can be made by anyone with the application in 1min. Over 6million installations in Sept. 2022
2022 In Mar.  Acquired TypeⅡ.  Financial Instruments Business. In June, released “Pool”, a credit card that can be used to build assets on hand.
2022 In Dec.  Announced a Capital and business alliance with MUFG Bank, Ltd.

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