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FINALIST from Japan


Credify Pte. Ltd.

Japan / Singapore

serviceX | B2B

Smart user acquisition platform leveraging self-sovereign ID system

Credify has developed idX (digital ID system) with blockchain and OpenID Connect and provides corporate partners with serviceX (smart user acquisition platform). As Rakuten leverages Rakuten ID to unify their subsidiary services, Credify will realize the same thing for totally different ecosystems. This enables the partner enterprises to acquire new customers more cheaply, simply, and securely. This is an enabler of easy “”Embedded Finance”” on existing platforms.

Shuichi Nagao

Director of Engineering

Shuichi learnt machine learning at the University of Tokyo. He joined his friend’s startup as a software engineer just before the graduation from the university. The startup was successfully acquired by CROOZ. After the M&A, he moved to a FinTech startup in Tokyo, where he developed a payment app and its backend. In addition to that, he was engaged in a blockchain project in the startup. Currently, he is based out of Vietnam, focused on building a dev team (10+ developers) and leading software development.

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