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FINALIST from Japan


dotData, Inc.

Japan / USA

dotData | B2B

Full-cycle AI automation that democratizes enterprise AI

dotData automates end-to-end processes of enterprise AI and Machine Learning. From data preparation through feature engineering to machine learning in production, dotData significantly shortens time-to-value of your AI/ML projects and also enables your BI Staffs or Business Analysts to leverage AI and ML. Its proprietary AI-powered Feature Engineering delivers new critical insights to your business.

Ryohei Fujimaki

CEO & Founder

Ryohei is the Founder & CEO of dotData. Prior to founding dotData, he was the youngest research fellow ever in NEC Corporation’s 119-year history, the title was honored for only six individuals among 1000+ researchers. During his tenure at NEC, Ryohei was heavily involved in developing many cutting-edge data science solutions with NEC’s global business clients, and was instrumental in the successful delivery of several high-profile analytical solutions that are now widely used in the industry. Ryohei received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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