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FINALIST from Japan


efit Inc.


QUOREA Corporate plan | B2C2C

AI investment C to C platform (Corporate plan)

We operate QUOREA which is AI Investment C to C platform invested by some securities VC. QUOREA Corporate Plan is customized and packaged for Securities company.
The features are the following two points.
1, Contribute to increase transaction volume an”&”d establish stable monetization
2, Easy to use even for investment beginners and improve DX for investment experiences

Saito Ryo


First Class Securities Sales Representative.
After a long-term internship at multiple companies while at school, he joined efit Inc. that develops AI investment platform ‘QUOREA’, handling marketing and PR. He works on a wide range of operations from web marketing such as SEO, advertising and traffic analysis, to media relation construction (PR) from the ground up.

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