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End-to-End Platform for managing blockchain-based assets | B2B

End-to-End Platform that enables banks to securely manage digital assets

GK8 is a blockchain cybersecurity company that offers financial institutions an end-to-end platform for managing blockchain-based assets on their own. The company developed the world’s first true air-gapped vault that enables to create, sign, and send secure blockchain transactions with no internet connectivity, hence eliminating all potential cyber attack vectors. GK8’s military-grade solution is based on 7 pending USPTO cryptography patents.
The company was founded by Israeli cyber intelligence veterans who previously protected the nation’s strategic assets, and is backed by industry leaders, including Marius Nacht – founder and former Chairman of cybersecurity giant Checkpoint.

Lior Lamesh

CEO and Co-Fouder

Lior earned his expertise serving in Israel’s elite cyber team in charge of protecting the nation’s strategic assets, reporting directly to the Prime Minister’s office.
An expert in both cyber-attacks and cyber-defense, Lior leads the development of GK8’s on-premises hardware and software that makes hacking private keys and digital assets impossible, using a unique technology that enables to manage digital assets without ever being connected to the internet – hence eliminating any attack vectors. As CEO of GK8, Lior manages a wide variety of challenges, spanning from business development, customer management, cybersecurity technology and product development, and investor relations.

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