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FINALIST from Japan


Alyawmu Co., Ltd.


furusatonouzei NFT | B2G2C

Providing NFT for Furusatonouzei(tax returns to hometowns)

With the mission of “Regional Creation through NFT”, we provide the advanced technology of NFT to local governments and regions that want to take on the challenge now, and at the same time, we are working to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy by communicating the attractiveness of the region.
We are developing our business with a focus on “Furusato Tax Payment NFT,” a tax return program that uses our platform to provide NFT-based gifts of local scenery, local specialties, traditional crafts, etc. as part of the Furusato tax payment system.

Kazuya Inarida

CCO(Chief Communication Officer)

Joined Sansan Corporation as a new graduate. After working in inside sales, he became the youngest person in the company’s history to be appointed as an enterprise sales representative. After becoming independent, he joined double, Inc. and Alyawmu, Inc. At Alyawmu, he was responsible for the initial sales activities as the sales manager, and then led PR and external relations activities as the head of the public relations office. He was appointed CCO in December 2022.

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