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barq finance


barq finance | C2C

Permissionless trust-enhancing peer-to-peer trade finance protocol.

Barq is a decentralized platform for peer-to-peer transfers, lending, borrowing, risk assessment, and dispute resolution. It enables parties to establish a “tunnel” between their wallets to establish trust before transacting. This tunnel can involve depositing funds as a performance guarantee, or maintaining a history of transactions to establish reputation. Barq will use “Proof of Incentives” in which participants who heavily influence the network’s value must stake tokens in order to earn revenue from their activities. Through this model, Barq aims to become a rail for financial services, including risk assessment and semi-collateralized lending based on reputation and cash flow.

Faris Haddad


A Co-Founder with expertise in providing technology and data science services and solutions, with a Master of Information & Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a background in Computer Engineering. Faris has led the development of numerous successful projects, focused on AI and blockchain strategies & policies. In addition to his technical skills, Faris has been passionately engaging in the crypto community since 2018, avidly participating in the crypto movement and DeFi.

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