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Republic of Korea


Institutional Digital Asset Infrastructure solution

Cardo Vault specializes in providing digital asset management services to institutions. It is a qualified institutional digital asset infrastructure solution licensed by the financial regulatory bodies in Korea. This solution helps institutions which are not familiar with blockchain technology or digital asset infrastructure do their business securely and transparently. In this regard, our clients can plug Cardo Vault in their systems and use it in the digital asset businesses without any concerns on the regulations including accounting and taxation. Plus, extra profits can be shared via active trading or staking and in the vault.

Kyunghwan Sohn


Kyunghwan Sohn is a CEO of CARDO which is one of the qualified Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASP) under supervision of the financial regulators in KOREA. Before he joined CARDO, I was a Ph.D candidate of Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). He has valuable working experiences in the financial industry. He had been a senior examiner in the financial regulatory body for eight years. He specialized in banking regulation and risk management in the financial sector. Also, He worked in the investment company as a CFA Charterholder.

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