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FINALIST from Japan


Condominium asset management Ltd.


P-Score | B2C

P-Score instantly shows the risks and returns of investment condominiums

P-Score is a service that solves the issues faced by investors and financial institutions when investing in condominium units. With only 8 items of information, you can understand the stability of the rent of a condominium for investment and understand the return according to the risk. Using the appropriate yield derived from the P-score, the theoretical property price can be calculated from the rent, so more individual investors will be able to invest safely in real estate. In addition, the improved liquidity of real estate through P-score will make it easier for financial institutions to evaluate real estate as collateral.



Joined a major trust bank as a new graduate and worked in retail business for 3.5 years.After that ,moving to MFS Inc. in November 2017. After working in loan counseling services, I am currently working as a marketing manager in the Real Estate Investment Division. And I has served as the company’s marketing manager since 2022, when Condominium Asset Management, Inc. was added to the group.

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