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FINALIST outside of Japan


Funble Inc.

Republic of Korea

Registration & issuance of beneficiary certificates of real estate trust & distribution thereof using blockchain-based distributed ledger technology | B2C

Blockchain based platform for trading fractionalized equity in real estate

Funble provides a blockchain based platform with which anybody can easily trade token-like securities representing fractionalized shares in pre-vetted real estate properties. For U$4~5, roughly the price for a cup of coffee, anyone can buy, own and sell a share in individual non-residential assets listed on our platform by using our app on their mobile phones. Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use, bringing the opportunity to become part-owner of a building, shop, hotel, etc. to your fingertips. Thus, we allow everyone to diversify their personal real estate portfolios through a secure and regulated blockchain based trading platform.

Joseph Seu

Investment Financing Dept. / Department Head

I am the department head of the investment financing department at our firm, with my primary responsibility to source commercial real estate assets to be launched on our platform and to evaluate, operate and sell them after their launch. Prior to joining Funble, I had been investing in real estate properties during my tenure with various financial institutions here in Korea, during which time I had completed several overseas acquisitions. Before that, I was in the financial advisory service and M&A advisory space for 15 years, providing due diligence, valuation and other corporate transactional services to local conglomerate clients.

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