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Giraffe AI Labs PTE


ROGer | B2C

ROGer is a metaverse for social trading with AI ratings

We train traders who prioritize risk mitigation by establishing the largest sandbox for traders and forming a sound investment mindset between global users through collective intelligence strategies, in a metaverse. This is ROGer from ROGin AI.

Renaud Bechade


Renaud Bechade is the CTO of Giraffe AI Labs.
After graduating from the Ecole polytechnique,
He studied computational biomechanics at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo.
His research topic focused on adaptive methods for medically accurate simulation of the heart.
He started his career in quantitative finance at places such as NumeriX and JPMorgan.
After a stint in FPGA acceleration,
He worked in HFT and market making.
His recent projects include
Quantum Computing (Inspired) Solutions,
Implementation of AR/VR papers from Siggraph,
Operational research
He was a speaker at the CUFP conference and the JSF conference

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