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FINALIST from Japan


DELIGHT Global Inc.



Call center automation service with a multilingual phone bot

DELIGHT is a contact center automation solution that can converse with customers in over 30 languages. It reduces the need for human operators, eliminates long wait times, and can address complex customer issues in high volumes. With its quick, low-cost setup, DELIGHT is customizable and can grow with your company as your processes evolve over time. You’ll see more efficient and productive call operations at lower cost, while your customers will receive a better, more delightful call experience with zero wait time.

Hiroyuki Anno


I specialized in AI at Keio University and honed my skills at the third-largest call center company in Japan. I also engaged in marketing analysis and data warehouse development at one of the world’s top beverage manufacturers. My over 20-year career in sports business as a sports agent involved negotiating international contracts and gaining insights into various cultures. In addition, I managed international marathon events and operated real-time recording systems. These diverse experiences have been essential in acquiring skills in international business, technology, and understanding human nuances, crucial for creating a globally applicable AI phone bot solution.

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