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FINALIST outside of Japan


Fresh Supply Co / FSCO


Intelligent Character Recognition Service – Document to Token Service | B2B

Ease of onboarding data, for tokenisation, in digital money workflows

End-to-End AI (Large-Language Model Based OCR) tokenisation capability for commercial transactions utilising blockchain based (atomic) settlement/digital money workflows. These overcome key issues, in non-technical workforce being able to leverage the benefits digital trade/digital money applications – without disrupting workflows, while increasing productivity, all at low cost.

David Inderias

CEO, Co-Founder

David has been leading advancements in agribusiness, manufacturing, and supply chains for almost eight years. Always a problem solver, he started his career in medicine. Today, his passion for technology – and how it can be used to solve complex problems – inspires him to completely reimagine the agribusiness sector through fintech. Through data, David has changed the narrative of what’s possible; supporting producers to access more flexible working capital and removing the traditional limitations. He’s made it easier for producers to leverage information, drive financial outcomes, and support sustainability claims.

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