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FINALIST from Japan


KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd.


KlimaDAO | B2B2C

Web3 Service to Accelerate Climate Finance

With a vision to accelerate the delivery of climate finance globally, KlimaDAO has developed digital carbon credits and other web3 tools to increase the transparency and efficiency of the market. In Japan, KlimaDAO has established KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd. and is developing a tokenization of J-Credits, Japan’s carbon credits, and a marketplace where they can be traded. Then, we will use them to promote carbon neutrality in companies and local governments.

Shohei Hamada

Representative director

While working for a chemical company, I entered the Web3 world in 2017. I gained an understanding of crypto and blockchain through investing in and supporting global Web3 projects. I started as a Contributor to KlimaDAO, a DAO working on climate change issues with Web3 in 2023. I left my previous job and founded KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd to accelerate our activities in Japan.

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