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FINALIST from Japan


Melon Technologies Inc.


Saffe Face Recognition Services | B2B2C

Facial recognition AI technologies with strength in liveness detection

Saffe’s unique face recognition technology ranked No. 1 in NIST realizes liveness detection only by software and without exclusive hardware, which enables you to utilize Saffe’s product and service with reasonable initial cost by installation of our application into your own devices with cameras. Therefore, it is suitable for small scale consumer businesses such as existing residential entrances and individual financial transactions. Excellent non-Japanese engineers with world-class technologies in our company, established to prevail the technologies to Japanese market, will develop and provide original software and functions matched with the customers’ business objectives.

Tsukasa Hasegawa

Senior Executive Director and COO

The 3 areas of financial product development such as IT services and trade-finance, investment banking such as financing and IR and overseas businesses in UK and Malaysia through 28-year-experience in the Japanese major bank have brought myself skills and know-hows of planning and development on IT products, corporate management and capitalization strategy and overseas business.

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