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FINALIST outside of Japan


Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Hong Kong

Codeless Development Platform for Inurance | B2B

Transforming insurance enterprise software development with Codeless platform

Nanoinsure Platform revolutionizes insurance product development and distribution with a digital, codeless platform, enabling self-configuration and cost reduction.

1. Accelerates time-to-market by 500%, reducing product configuration from 6-20 weeks to 1-4 weeks.
2. Lowers Total Cost of Ownership by 72% through internal resource utilization.
3. Excel-to-API Technology allows clients to use their own actuarial excel for product development.
4. WYSIWYG platform enables citizen coders to configure insurance enterprise software for web and mobile applications.

Terence Ho

Sales and Operations / Chief Commercial Officer

Terence manages the commercial efforts, spearheads the company’s growth strategy and go-to-market approach. With a successful executive career at renowned technology firms like SAP and IBM, he brings extensive experience to his role. Terence is a sought-after speaker at major industry conferences like Insurtech Insights Asia 2023. Under his leadership, Nanoinsure has expanded its presence from Hong Kong to Singapore and will open an office in Tokyo by 2024. He has established the bootstrapped software company into a profitable multi-million USD enterprise, earning recognition for driving high performance, enhancing operational discipline, and fostering consistent growth through direct sales and partnerships.

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